Diet catering
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Diet catering

The concept of “dietary catering” is not unknown nowadays, more and more people are discovering the benefits of using dietetic catering, especially that everything that is easily available and solutions that do not require a lot of time and energy are in fashion. People nowadays have become very comfortable, both because many people use cars, practically without getting out of them, they commute on the way from work to home, all kinds of electronics: the so-called “time-wasters” tablets, smartphones, laptops consume us without the rest, it is not enough that virtually all work is based on bureaucracy and the need to use electronics, and when we return home, instead of focusing on rest, we reach for the smartphone again.

It’s the same with dietary catering – it’s a quick option for already prepared food, but what are the benefits and can everyone afford it? As many people as there are opinions, there will be people who will consider this solution as the most beneficial and there will also be those who will think that it is a solution for the lazy … There are as many advantages as there are disadvantages. The obvious advantage that appeals to people the most … is saving the desired time, which flies inexorably because by thinking logically how much you can do when you have to cook: you can go for a run, go to the swimming pool, read books and much more.

Another undoubted advantage is that dietary catering is healthy, Currently, there is a fashion for a healthy lifestyle, i.e. healthy eating and sport, and it is a very good solution because by leading a proper lifestyle, you can enjoy your health longer. Such catering will provide us with the appropriate caloric value of meals, adapted to our lifestyle: that is, if catering is to be for a woman aged 30 leading a sedentary lifestyle, it is known that no one will recommend her caloric value of meals for 2700 kcal, only for 1500 and again an athlete who leads a very active lifestyle, he cannot get a 2700 kcal diet because it will be too little for him and low-calorie meals will not provide him with the energy and nutrients needed for the body. Another positive aspect of using this diet is something trivial but extremely important, we have order in the kitchen and we don’t have to wash dishes and fill the kitchen with kitchen accessories, which is a really big plus, especially when we have a small apartment.

It is also important that the catering company does not impose a menu or what we want to eat, if we do not like, for example, carrots and cottage cheese, we report it when ordering catering and then the company writes in the annotation that it is to prepare a replacement for these products in meals for us . We can tell them, for example: about their taste preferences, they will certainly take it into account to satisfy our taste buds, after all, the customer is our master. It would seem that if we have any allergies, e.g. to nuts, cow’s milk, dietary catering is not for us, nothing could be more wrong nowadays a healthy lifestyle and dietary catering are so developed that for them it is not a problem to prepare meals without allergens, they are able to do anything to win a customer. Another aspect is gluten-free or dairy-free, vegetarian or vegan diets, it is already so popular on the market that people who are not even allergic to gluten or milk use it because they follow current trends. A nice option is also a consultation with a dietitian included in the price of catering, of course, it depends on whether we use catering services on site in our city or via the Internet because the possibilities are different, then he can perform a body composition analysis for us and adjust the calorific value to it, we can also talk to him about supplementation, which is worth adding to meals to provide yourself with additional vitamins, that may not be present in meals.

A big advantage of catering is also regular meals, because unfortunately now everything happens on the run and people also eat on the run between one meeting and another, and here it is not enough that regular is also healthy. This is very important for proper metabolism and health. It is a myth that dietetic catering is bought only by overweight people who want to lose weight, now it is often bought by people who want to eat healthy, but do not want to cook or those who take care of themselves. People with underweight or bulimia who, on the contrary, do not want to lose weight but gain weight, reach for dietary catering, such catering allows for proper nutrition of the body and healthy weight gain. Not who it seems that healthy eating is monotonous and boring and it doesn’t have to be that way, healthy does not mean boring, often such meals are more interesting in taste and appearance than fast food and other unhealthy things. The biggest myth you can come across is that healthy eating is a diet and the word diet is associated with limitations, so healthy eating and sport should be treated as something necessary and normal like brushing your teeth, and not as a chore.

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