Construction of houses
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Construction of houses

Today’s world is moving forward at a dangerous pace, societies are growing, new jobs are being created and the population is growing. In all this rush, people need new places to live, because they have to go somewhere. That is why the construction of houses has become an irrefutable element of the landscape that we see outside the window every day.

Probably each of us sees a new house or block of flats being built at least once a week. It so happens that houses are being built in my neighborhood, and not just any, two-story semi-detached houses, but what made me decide to include something as trivial and everyday as building houses in this article? Well, the above-mentioned constructions are located in the old forest. One evening, while contemplating, I thought that progress is of course important, but what about the natural environment, which we sacrifice at least for construction purposes. Before we proceed to the analysis of the situation and its assessment, I would like to mention that this article is only a way of perceiving a given phenomenon by me and I do not want to impose my opinion on anyone, etc. Okay.

I have lived in a single-family housing estate practically since childhood, but over the last five or seven years the area has changed beyond recognition, a playground was built in the clearing where I used to play football as a kid, a new single-family housing estate was built right behind the forest, and now my house is being built two-story duplexes. Regardless of whether we analyze the playground or the construction of houses in my neighborhood, it is clear that they are destroying the natural environment that surrounds me. Soon there will be people who will say something like “but you also live in a house, so you also contribute to the destruction of the environment” – and yes and no. Yes, that’s true, my house stands in the place where there used to be fields intended for cultivation. However, I would like to point out that my house was built at a time when.

Today, it is enough to google for half an hour to find at least five offers that interest us. Therefore, the question arises whether it is better to build a house and destroy the young forest or meadow, or maybe it is worth looking for a house for sale first. I haven’t even looked on the internet and I can list at least four different homes for sale in my area. Going to study or work, I pass at least a dozen or so “for sale” banners with a telephone number. Why, then, do a lot of people prefer to build new houses when the old ones are empty and only need renovation? Well, this is where the answer to the question appears, first of all, houses for sale are often old, and as is well known, old construction is radically different from new, and secondly, renovation. Here, too, I can speak based on experience.

I allowed myself a small neighborhood interview and its effect is knowledge, huge knowledge about building a house and renovation. Well, if we want to build a new house in a new style and using modern materials, we have to take into account the high costs of these materials. That is why investors often build only single-family houses with small yards. Such a house is of course modern, ecological, etc. Cons of such a house? Please, it’s small, it has a small backyard, and getting you to read this article is bad for the environment. Yes, yes, I mentioned ecology on purpose, because everyone raves about heating systems, sewage treatment plants and the like, but no one mentions that these houses are built on the site of, for example, a forest.

What is the result of such construction of houses in areas that used to be forested? It’s nice to open the window to the forest, feel the natural smell of pine trees or just go for a walk right in front of the house, but it won’t last long, because in a year or two next to us there will be a second, later a third and fourth house, and so we will be less and less from year to year forest. As a result of the constant noise, all the birds will move to another forest, we will find a neighbor who likes to burn bottles in the stove, so no more pine smell … such a vision awaits all people who want to build in the forest or on its outskirts so much. Of course, I am not prejudging such a future here, and this is only an example, but back to my neighbors? They both agreed that it was better to spend the money renovating than building houses, because now they live in big houses with big yards, and they installed all these super eco systems thanks to EU subsidies. Therefore, if you ever face the problem of buying or building a house, go ahead and buy and renovate it. You will not only serve nature and animals, but you can also gain more than you think.

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