Jewelry for a man – how to choose accessories for style
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Jewelry for a man – how to choose accessories for style

Wearing silver jewelry is associated mainly with women. However, unisex jewelry or jewelry aimed directly at men is becoming more and more popular. How to choose accessories for every style, whether you are a laid-back hipster or an internationally successful businessman?

Suit jewelry

Even at business meetings, a man can feel special by choosing the right accessories for his style. Signet rings customarily worn on the little finger are very fashionable in the business world. Western universities often give their graduates silver signet rings with the school’s crest. Custom made signets are also fashionable. Signet rings with large gemstones should be avoided in favor of the more classic ones with engraving. It is worth remembering that signets often bore an engraved coat of arms of a given family and served as a seal, used, for example, to seal letters.

Also, when choosing wedding rings, you do not have to stick to the rule that the bride and groom must have identical rings. Women definitely prefer more delicate rings, often engraved or decorated with small diamonds. A range of beautiful and simple wedding rings is available for men. Simple designs such as platinum wedding rings, wooden wedding rings or increasingly fashionable tungsten wedding rings also look beautiful on the male finger. Simplicity combined with unique colors and patterns make them unique and attract attention.

The man who wears a business style knows perfectly well that the button-cuffed shirt is slowly becoming a thing of the past, and cufflinks are becoming more and more fashionable. With this element of jewelry, a man can freely go crazy. Thousands of patterns and colors allow you to create unique styles every day. Cufflinks are the only jewelry for men that is not limited by anything. They can be simple, square or round, engraved or three-dimensional. However, cufflinks with diamonds or other precious or decorative stones are becoming more and more common. Cufflinks with anchors, emblems from games or simple glass cufflinks, very often with microscopic works of art inside, are also fashionable.

Men’s watches, more and more often replaced by modern smartwatches, can also complement men’s style. The availability of men’s watches in various designs and colors on the market allows every man to choose the right watch for himself. It is important that the men’s watch is not too big or heavy. Both watches with a leather bracelet and all-metal ones will work well in business stylizations. A very interesting option are also wooden watches, more and more often available on the market. Especially those combined with a leather bracelet wider than the dial. Pocket watches are also making a comeback. Classically worn on a chain in a vest pocket. In addition to classic designs referring to tradition, steampunk pocket watches appear more and more often, giving the styling a unique atmosphere and character.

It is very important not to overdo it, regardless of the number of selected additives. If a man wears a wedding ring, the signet ring should be worn on the other hand or completely abandoned. It is also worth making sure that all the accessories you wear are in the same style. A steampunk pocket watch will clash with lacquered Tetris-themed cufflinks.

Casual jewelry

After work, however, and at casual meetings, men choose an increasingly fashionable casual style. Light and elegant combination of comfortable sports style and business style. In this case, you can go a lot more crazy with jewelry.

All kinds of leather bracelets suit the casual style – equally simple single ones, as well as those consisting of many simple or braided straps, and even braided with metal elements. When wearing a casual style, it is also worth investing in a simple rope bracelet with a metal clasp, e.g. in the shape of an anchor. Bracelets referring to ethnographic patterns – Celtic, Slavic or Indian – are also fashionable. The combination of a bracelet with a watch also works well in a casual style. The dial is then attached to a wide bracelet, often consisting of many smaller ones. It is an interesting and unconventional combination that attracts attention in a positive way.

In a casual style, where a tie is rare, men’s pendants are also fashionable. In this case, the choice is large. Chains made of precious metals with a pendant, as well as various types of thongs are fashionable. The choice of pattern is already a personal preference. However, it is worth sticking to a few rules. First of all, the pendant itself cannot be too big and the chain too thick. It will look bad and be too conspicuous. Controversial symbols should also be avoided. A men’s necklace in a casual style should also be matched to all other elements of jewelry, as well as the outfit itself.

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