Single-leaf exit gates
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Single-leaf exit gates

The entrance gate is to enable a quick exit from the property or entry to your home area. Comfortable and safe entry to the property depends on the width of the road and the minimum turning radius of the car. This is determined by the distance between the edge of the road and the entrance gate. If this distance is equal to or greater than the turning radius, the car passing through the gate will have a reserve of space on each side and can easily make a turn. The gate must be located in such a way that the exiting car does not pose a threat to other vehicles and pedestrians. The gate must match the style of the house and create a harmonious whole with the fence.

Selection criteria for entrance gates

The entrance gate should be included in the construction design and approved by the building inspector. It is obvious that the entrance gate should meet the expectations of the owners and must be functional. Single-leaf entrance gateit must be stylistically matched to the body of the building and the rest of the fence. It should ensure the most comfortable entry to the property and guarantee safe use. Single-leaf gates will work well in the corner of the plot – the wing will open onto the fence, thus not limiting the space. Entrance gates are purchased as a ready-to-use product, but it is best to leave the assembly of the gate to specialists who will adjust the method of assembly to the environmental conditions. Manually opened gates are equipped with a lock and a locking bolt connected to it. It is possible to open the single-leaf entrance gateusing the remote control. For this purpose, hydraulic or electric actuators are attached to the wings. A single-leaf gate is heavy, so converting it to the possibility of opening it with a remote control makes it much easier to use. Their advantage is that they do not take up too much space on the property, which is a very important selection criterion if the area around the house is not large and the owner wants to make maximum use of the yard. If the driveway is steep, it is worth consulting an architect before choosing the type of gate.

Common fence

It is possible to build a fence on the border of the neighbors’ property, provided that the neighbor is willing to join the construction and will participate in the costs. It is profitable for both parties to build a fence together, because the costs are divided between two families, and the fence is shared anyway. You only need to put two separate gates. Then the type of gate remains a matter of individual fence users: one person can install a sliding gate, the other a single-leaf entrance gate. Building a common fence is becoming more and more popular due to saving money and space around the house.

Notification of the intention to build a fence

The fence must be included in the construction design and in accordance with the assumptions of the spatial development plan. In the case of high fences over 2.20 meters high, fences on roads, streets, tracks and public utility places, the investor must notify the intention of construction to the poviat starosty or municipal office and attach a statement on the right to dispose of the real estate for construction purposes. The application must be accompanied by sketches of the plot and the planned investment, describe the scope of construction works and specify the date of commencement of construction. It doesn’t matter what kind of gate it is. Legal requirements before erecting a fence are the same for a single-leaf entrance gateas well as for the sliding gate. Work can be started after 30 days from the date of notification to the office, if the owner has not received a negative decision. In this case, the lack of response from the office is good news, because you can start construction work and put up a single-leaf entrance gate or any other type of gate.

Important door usage requirements

The exit gate should be functional. Therefore, it must open towards the property and must not contain thresholds and other elements that make it difficult for people with disabilities to use wheelchairs. The fence and the gate are also decorations around the house. The multitude of designs and materials makes it easy for the future owner to choose a gate that meets his needs and sense of beauty. Aesthetic performance is one of the advantages of a single-leaf entrance gate.

The gates can be installed at single-family houses, warehouses, industrial plants and offices. They are also great in gardens. Their impeccable style makes them blend in perfectly with the surroundings. They provide a high level of security, which is confirmed by satisfied individual customers and business owners. The single-leaf entrance gate , which is galvanized and powder coated, will last for many years and maintain its aesthetic appearance.

Swing gates are stable thanks to a special structure mounted to steel posts or mounting plates. The exit gate, above all, must ensure the safety of users and help maintain privacy.

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