Erotic lingerie – how to choose the best one for yourself?
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Erotic lingerie – how to choose the best one for yourself?

There are many ways to make your intimate life more attractive. One of them is erotic lingerie, the right selection of which will let your imagination run wild, and the real game will start even before the lights go out … after all, there is a reason why there is a slogan that the most important thing is what is covered and not what is exposed. Properly selected erotic lingerie will do wonders in the bedroom.

The main difference between ordinary and erotic lingerie is that the former is designed to be a discreet and comfortable accessory remaining only under clothing. In turn, the second one is a real challenge – it emphasizes the figure, leaves the area of ​​understatement, seduces and tempts. It is decorated with lace, ribbons, bows and frills. They are placed in strategic places, igniting the senses and imagination of the partner.

Is erotic lingerie intended only for brave and provocative women? Such a wrong stereotype is very hurtful. Nicely cut panties or a bra are suitable for every woman, regardless of her figure shape or approach to sexuality. It is not the domain of only those ladies who especially like to play in bed and are not ashamed of their liberal approach. Erotic lingerie brings something interesting to a common bed, expresses a desire to contact a partner, encourages to have fun together. The woman who puts it on can feel sure that this night will be unforgettable. However, that doesn’t mean she’s promiscuous.

Among the elements of erotic lingerie, we have a lot of options to choose from. One of them is a corset. Of course, we’re not talking about the one worn by women in the Victorians, but about lace, pretty and waist-enhancing clothing. It can be covered or slightly translucent. Well-fitting whalebones do not indent into the body, and frills will leave a certain margin of innocent invitation to frolic, because they are associated with a polite uniform of a proper and well-behaved girl.

The next element of underwear is a bra. Here we have a choice between the popular push-up and the plunge type. There are also peek-a-boo, i.e. those that are exposed and have a lace finish. Push-up will emphasize the shape of the breasts, making them optically larger and fuller. To look beautiful, you can also choose a balconette or balconette, it will make your waist look a bit slimmer. When you have larger breasts, try to choose full cups. Make sure they have wide shoulder straps to make them more comfortable. On the other hand, lace cups will make your breasts visually lighter.

Let’s move on to the panties. First: thongs. You can choose from a whole repertoire: skimpy or decorative, with crystals, bows or other small decorations. But that doesn’t mean we’re limited to them. They will look good on thinner girls. Their slightly bolder version also reveals the crotch a bit – you can consider the choice. However, not only thongs exist in the world. Erotic lingerie also allows us to choose attractive figs. Black is slimming, which is why it is recommended to women with fuller shapes. It is worth thinking about deep cut legs, because they visually lengthen the legs. If you have large breasts, however, you should give them up, because in contrast they will make the breasts even bigger. It is better to choose those that shape the shape of the buttocks. On the other hand, girls who have a few kilos more on their belly, should choose slightly higher panties. In this way, they will elevate the cut and make excess fat not so visible.

Tulle, airy nightgowns are also great. They can be color matched to the planned theme of the evening. Let us remember, however, that white broadens, so they will be great for more slender women.

Another element of underwear are stockings. Here the choice is really wide. Ladies can choose lycra or fishnet, depending on how long the skirt they wear. You can choose both self-supporting stockings and those that are attached to the waist with garters. The palette of choice here is very rich, because you can find all kinds of motifs on the stockings: floral, leafy, erotic …

As for the choice of colors, we have already established that white for the slimmer, black for the curvy. It’s also about symbolism. Erotic lingerie in white will mean innocence, lack of experience, which will ignite the senses of many men. Red is challenging, temperamental (and also a happy color for high school graduates). Black means a mature, liberated woman, it is mysterious and dark.

Is erotic lingerie only for young women? Nothing could be more wrong! No matter how old we are, we can wear it. The fact that it is mainly shown on models does not mean that we should be ashamed of our own body. After all, sexuality concerns all women! Therefore, this underwear is suitable as a gift for women of all ages!

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